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Urban Red Political Action Committee (“Urban Red”) is registered as a Hybrid Political Action Committee under the Federal Elections Campaign Act for the raising and disbursing of funds for political purposes in local, state, and federal elections. Although allowed by law to engage in these activities at the state and federal levels, Urban Red intends to focus its activities exclusively at the local level.

In 2018, not one Republican running in a major urban area won an election. This election season once again revealed the structural flaw in how campaigns are aided and funded by the Republican Party at the local level. Urban Red will step into that void.

In the lead-up to the 2020 elections, Urban Red will, with the assistance of local urban Republican organizations, find a credible local Conservative to run for local office in no more than 25 of the largest urban cities. These candidates must have established their own credibility in their respective communities. We will use our extensive contacts within the Pastoral community nationwide to assist in identifying these candidates. Some of these candidates may have never run for office before. We will aid them in learning how to develop a winning campaign strategy, identify their base, develop a GOTV plan, and raise money.

After each candidate has registered a primary campaign committee, Urban Red will then assume its primary role as an Independent Expenditure Committee (“IE”).

Historically, in urban areas, Republicans have not been able to match the ground troops amassed by Democrats. As an IE, Urban Red proposes to independently fund ground troops in each of the targeted markets. Urban Red intends to supplement the efforts of local candidates and balance the playing field by expending funds to pay for literature drops, door knocking, phone banking, robocalls, and media buys.

By supporting local candidates, Urban Red will help build the “bench” the Republican Party needs to successfully move forward at the state and federal levels.

If you would like additional information regarding Urban Red its vision and mission, contact Ralph J. Chittams, Sr., 202-681-5430.

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