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Israel Has The Right To Defend Itself

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

On July 20, 2018 I downloaded the App titled “Red Alert.” Red Alert is “a smartphone app that sends Israelis real-time warnings of incoming Hamas rocket attacks.” Upon receiving an alert, Israelis have between fifteen (15) to ninety (90) seconds, depending upon their location within Israel, to get to shelter.

Since July 20th, there have been almost 100 rocket launches into Israel from Gaza, by Hamas. For example, On July 20th alerts went out to the residents of Nahal Oz and Alumim. On July 23rd, alerts went out to residents to Ayelet Hachahar, Gadot, Holata, Yesod HaMaala, Mishman HaYarden, Amuka, and Sed Eliezer. Also on the 23rd, alerts were went to residents of Haon, Massada, Maagan, Ein Gev, Levels, Shaar Hagolan, Tel Katzir, and Tel Sheva. On July 25th, alerts were sent to the residents of Avny Eitan, Eliy Ad, SAfik, Bnei Yehuda, Givat Yoan, Gashur, Yonathan, Kfar Haruv, Mevo Chama, Meitzar, Neot Golan, Nov, Natur, and Ramat Magshimim.

If one were to review most mainstream news sources, one would find little to no mention of these rocket attacks into Israel. However, when Israel finally tires of these repeated assaults on its sovereignty and the lives of its citizens and retaliates, the press quickly reports the retaliation and paints Israel as the aggressor. Leftist political commentators have gone so far as to frame Israel’s retaliation as an “offensive siege.” Such mischaracterizations are beyond the pale.

If a terrorist organization were to fire rockets into the United States from Mexico or Canada, how should the United States respond to such aggressions?

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