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I Can Do Bad By Myself

“I can do bad by myself” is an oft heard phrase of women involved in relationships with men who are not living up to their responsibilities. He doesn’t have a job and isn’t trying to find one. He does have a job, but when he gets paid, the money is spent on everything and anything but his family. The rent isn’t paid, groceries aren’t purchased, utility bills go unpaid, and there's no money for school supplies. But he has brand new Jordans, goes out drinking with his boys, and hangs out all night with the fellas.

That phrase expresses a woman’s frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and regret that what started out with hope and grand expectations has not lived up to those expectations. In fact, not only were those expectations not met, they were not even approached. “I can do bad by myself” means just that – “I don’t need you to live this poorly or badly.” It means, “I have absolutely nothing to lose by cutting you loose. The situation I am currently in with you will either get better or stay the same after I dump you.”

“I can do bad by myself.”

Since 1964, when President Lyndon Baines Johnson launched his War on Poverty and his Great Society programs, most of the largest urban centers in the United States, which coincidentally also have the largest black populations, have almost exclusively been controlled by Democrats: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Baltimore, etc. Those cities fully adopted Johnson’s Great Society programs, and under successive Democrat administrations, welfare programs, which were originally intended to provide short-term emergency benefits, morphed into a way of life that ensnared and enslaved generation after generation of black families.

Black wealth in those cities over the past 60 years has been reduced. The rate of out-of-wedlock births has skyrocketed. Reliance on welfare benefits has increased exponentially. The role of fathers within the family has been systematically eliminated. And by almost every generally accepted economic indicator, the black family is worse off now than it was 60 years ago. In every major American city, public education is abysmal. And who is being mis- and undereducated? Black children! And let’s not talk about a burdensome tax code and regulatory structure that is anti-business and outright hostile to small business entrepreneurs.

As George Mason University professor and noted economist Walter E. Williams puts it: “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn't do, what Jim Crow couldn't do, what the harshest racism couldn't do. And that is to destroy the black family.”

After almost three generations of Democrat rule with their failed policies, urban America, and black America in particular, should finally say to the Democrat Party, “I can do bad by myself” and kick them out.

In a recent speech, Donald J. Trump said that black America should abandon the Democrat Party and vote for him, asking, “What do you have to lose?”

Mr. Trump is 100 percent correct! A vote for Hillary Clinton is most assuredly a vote to continue the downward trajectory of the black community -- more welfare, more failing schools, more overly burdensome regulations, higher taxes, and further disintegration of the black family.

Democrat Party, we can do bad by ourselves!

We have been your most loyal partners for 50 years, and you have proven to be a lousy provider and a self-centered, egotistical partner. It is time for you to go.

In his speech, Mr. Trump succinctly presented an equation. “You’ve living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed – what … do you have to lose?”

While not universally true of all black people, because we are not monolithic, every statement made by Mr. Trump is true for certain segments of our population. And what was Hillary Clinton’s response? “This is so ignorant, it’s staggering.”

So stating the truth is ignorant and staggering?

Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, Jr. states in his book, Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul, “By every statistical measure, black America has suffered since 2008; and the only thing we get as a response is that it could have been worse… [E]very two to four years, they come out, they try to herd us to the polls. They feel no obligation, in some ways, to deliver in terms of policy, because they know we have nowhere else to go.”

Democrats, we can do bad by ourselves.

The Democrat Party has been lying to us for generations about their caring about the plight of black America. You want proof? Go to their website, which reads, “For 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil right.” That is a lie! The Democrat Party is the party of slavery. The Democrat Party is the party of Jim Crow. The Democrat Party is the party of the KKK. Democrats have always sought the subjugation of black people. The only thing that has changed is they have convinced black people to become instruments of our own destruction.

Staying in a house that is burning is insane, especially when another house is available to us, opening its doors and inviting us in. Will this new house be any better than the old house? Maybe yes, maybe no. But one thing is sure: Staying in the old house will bring certain death. Therefore, moving into the new house is the smart move. After all, “I can do bad by myself?”

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