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Lonnie Poindexter, Media Consultant

Lonnie Poindexter has over 25 years of successful management, sales and marketing experience, having worked with Silicon Valley startups and tech sector industry leaders in California.  As the DC Correspondent for Urban Family Communications which is a ministry outreach for  American Family Association. Lonnie is host of the Lion Chasers Show, a nationally broadcasted Christian radio show  a part of the largest Christian radio network in the nation. Lonnie covers current events in the nation’s capitol concerning public policy and the faith based community.


Lonnie is the founder and president of The Lion Chasers Network, an association of faith-based organizations and activist clergy mobilized to speak on issues of the day that negatively impact our nation and communities. The Lion Chasers Network addresses the intersection of faith and public policy in America.  The network’s mantra is: There is no separation between morality and governance.


Lonnie’s passion is the sanctity of life and fighting for the unborn. He collaborates with the nation’s foremost pro-life organizations in America.

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