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Vision Statement

The vision of Black Elephant Consultants, LLC is to positively impact culture locally, nationally and internationally; bring the empowering and liberating message of conservatism to urban America; and encourage and equip individuals and religious organizations to engage government, and to live their faith without fear of persecution.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Black Elephant Consultants, LLC is to consult with candidates engaging urban communities, and organizations supporting those candidates, on messaging and media to hone value propositions and messaging to elect candidates who share our worldview.

Black Elephant Consultants, LLC also engages with the faith and other communities to ensure that the continued exercise of religious freedoms of US citizens and organizations under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution is protected, and collaborate on the international stage with organizations working to protect developing nations from coercive international treaties and agreements that undermine their sovereignty and infringe on their religious liberty.

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